Let's celebrate! 750,000 Robots produced by FANUC

What are Industrial Robots?

They are robots that add value to your production by automating repetitive, complex and dangerous tasks in a very precise and efficient way. Covering a diverse range of applications and industries, industrial robots are easy to operate and provide complete flexibility thanks to a range of application-specific options.

Why Industrial Robots?

  • Robots boost your productivity
  • They are an essential player in a company’s automation process
  • They provide maximum performance for the least possible energy
  • Turn your company more cost competitive against the competition
  • They are reliable, predictable and easy to repair

Who needs Industrial Robots?

Many think that Industrial Robots are only made for big companies, when they are actually developed for any company willing to improve their production process. So, if you are a small or medium-sized company FANUC also does have a solution for you!

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Our Robots' features, smart options and accessories

  • FANUC Dual Check Safety DCS

    FANUC DCS is a smart integrated software solution designed to keep operators, robots and tooling completely safe. With no need to invest in costly, space-taking safety equipment, it also helps keep the space required for robot cells to a minimum.

  • Vision functions

    iRVision is FANUC’s unique, fully robot integrated visual detection system enabling the robots to see in order to manage production settings in a faster, smarter and more reliable way.

  • Simulation Software (ROBOGUIDE)

    To ensure optimal cell design, ROBOGUIDE lets you model cells and select the most suitable robot for your application and setup. With an internal virtual controller cycle times can be calculated and validated both quickly and accurately.

  • Force Sensor

    FANUC Force Sensors enable robots to detect force and torque applied to the end effector in 6 degrees of freedom. This provides them with an almost human sense of touch and the ability to undertake work previously done by craftsmen.

  • iRPick Tool

    The iRPickTool equips single or multiple robots with the ability to identify, pick and place items in linear and/or circular conveyor tracking.

  • Motion system

    To get the very best out of your robot, FANUC provides a number of options designed to optimise its motions. These range from servo grippers to improve productivity on applications involving awkward sizes and multiple odd sized products to sophisticated software designed to coordinate motion between individual robots.

  • Hand guidance

    The hand guidance not only features the teaching function but provides you with the flexibility to intervene manually in robot programs. Once a program has been completed, the hand guidance feature also allows you to influence the manual handling of the gripper or workpiece.

What our customers say
about our Industrial Robots

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In the recent years, many research and development projects were implemented in Szentgotthárd. In cooperation with FANUC, an innovative collaborative robot application has been installed at the production line of Szentgotthard plant.


The robotic line is 50 percent faster than the old food processing line. Plus, quality and hygiene has improved. There is also less waste since human operators were prone to breaking off the edges of the waffles, something the robots do not do when packaging delicate food.

Norrmejerier can now produce more than ever before. They are able to now produce more product in just two shifts, than they were before in three shifts. The employees see the robots as a helpful addition making the production sustainable and cost effective.


The two robots not only work together on one task, but side by side on a 13-metre-long linear axis. Thanks to safety software, the two Fanuc robots do not get in each other's way. The vision system of the plant travels independently of the robots on its own axis.

Especially the extensive availability of FANUC products for a wide range of tasks allows Neff to reduce downtimes to a minimum. Facing a growing complexity in business, FANUC helps Neff to master the challenges by ensuring high precision for automated processes.


The solution developed by SKDK enables workers on the packaging line a simpler process. Since a worker moves a total of about 5.8 tons per shift, the collaborative robot streamlines the process while observing all safety and regulatory requirements.

The facility packs over 300 tons of ready products per day. The technology minimizes the risk of damaging the forms and ensures 100% cleanliness and safety of the product.

Other industries

The delivery times have been improved through the robot implementation. With the tandem torch, the robot can produce up to 11 kg per hour at wire feed speeds between 11 and 13 m / s. Very good welders are able to achieve 15kg per layer.

All processes are initiated and controlled via the robot controller. The system was deliberately built without a PLC. When switched on, it is set to the initial state by a reference run of the robot and can be started from the injection moulding machine. The robot is partially integrated into the ROBOSHOT via FANUC's own I/O Link interface, making it easy to control even for inexperienced operators.

Factory automation belongs to FANUC’s history.

We produced 750,000 Robots for small, medium and big-sized companies!

60 years of experience in automation
271 locations in 109 countries supported
25 years spare parts guarantee
IR robot

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